Who are the Angels?

You have heard me talk about angels, animals and intuition many times.    So who are the angels?

Angels are the energy closest to God. They are the aspect of ourselves that reaches out to God for guidance and information. They are our highest-self reaching out to connect to divine wisdom.

Angels are God’s messengers. Their purpose is to bring our questions to source and then to bring God’s answers back to us. God gave man free will so we need to ask for assistance and guidance. God and the Angels cannot interfere with our choices and actions. They will respond with loving support and guidance when we ask. We do not need to ask a specific question just ask for support and then be open to receiving the guidance.

It creates such peace to know that you could get loving answers to any questions you have from divine beings that always have your highest good in mind. The feeling you have when you communicate with angelic energy is that of pure love. If it does not feel loving than the message is from ego not God as God/Angels will only provide loving guidance for your soul’s highest good.

I have heard that each of us receive an average of one million messages a day from our angels. Imagine that! How rich would our lives be if we recognized even a small portion of these messages? This guidance shows up in what we see, hear, feel and know. The angels will use your own awareness and vocabulary to show you the messages.

Here are the four basic ways that Angels communicate with us:

  • Clairvoyance is “seeing” the message. This may be with your physical eyes when your attention is drawn to an image. It may be a dream or it perhaps a vision in your mind’s eye.
  • Clairaudience is “hearing” the message. You may hear a voice in your mind giving you guidance. It may be that you hear a song repeatedly that contains a message for you. Or perhaps you overhear a message repeatedly from other people’s conversations.
  • Clairsentience is “feeling” the message. This would be when you say your skin crawled when something did not feel right or you sense the energy in a room when you enter it.
  • Claircognizance is “knowing” the message. This is also known as gut instinct. You just know without knowing why that you are to do or not to do something; that a decision is good for you or not.

Which sense is your strongest?


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