What does Independence mean to you?

Today is Independence Day in the United States.   It is a day we celebrate our ability to govern ourselves as a country and make the best decisions for our people.

Every year around this time, I reflect on what it means to be independent.

For years, I struggled to be by myself.   I couldn’t stand being alone with just my own company.  I was afraid to look myself in the eye and acknowledge that I was the one holding me back. I kept myself so busy that I didn’t have time to feel or understand the impact of my choices.

I looked outside of me for validation of my choices.   I asked “What should I do”? to others and abdicated my authority.  I didn’t trust my intuition.  I got the messages, I just didn’t listen.    It was easier to ask someone else because then I didn’t need to take the responsibility of a decision.

Or I rationalized the message away.  I am highly logical so I used family, school, religious, paradigms to measure my choices instead of what I knew to be right.

Or hesitated to take action as I wasn’t sure.   I didn’t trust the messages or myself, so I lost opportunities.

I was paralyzed by fear.   I didn’t trust myself.  I felt lost – like a subject to others will instead of my own divine wisdom.

Like, the settlers in the US in the 1770’s, I wanted to start making my own choices!   As I took my deep dive into remembering my intuition, hearing the messages from my guides, learning how to validate the messages for my self and then take the next action step my life changed dramatically!

I began to ask myself what was best for me.  I deeply saw, heard, sensed and knew what was best for me.  I validated the messages were in my highest good.  I took timely action.  Life flowed instead of me feeling like I was pushing water uphill.

It was not always easy.  I had to make some very difficult and painful decisions that impacted not only me but my family.  I knew that the choices were best long term for all of us and I followed my guidance to make them.   I felt the presence of my guides supporting me at each step.

As my confidence grew, I started to teach others to feel empowered by their choices.

The best choice I made was to honor me and trust me.

Can you relate to my story?    Would you love to step into being your own authority with confidence?

If you want to learn more about feeling and trusting your intuition, I have opened up 4 (for the 4th!) spots to work with me.  If talking about taking a deeper dive into what is blocking your divine connection, trusting the messages and taking inspired action, then HERE to get on my calendar.


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