Trusting Your Intuition with your Heart

I know that Intuition is the superpower that allows us to make crystal clear decisions.  When we know how the messages are being shown to us and how the truth feels in our bodies, it is easy to trust ourselves.  I can look back on all the times that I didn’t listen to or trust my intuition and see how it made my life so much more difficult!  Can you relate to that?!

We all “know” more than we give ourselves credit for.  We are born intuitive beings.   Often our inner wisdom is taught out of us.   We are trained to follow the guidance of our parents, teachers, religious and community leaders instead of what we know in our hearts to be true.  This is confusing and can cause us to doubt the divine information we receive daily when we open our hearts to it.

I hear often that people are aware of the messages but just don’t trust them.   Or they don’t trust themselves enough to act on it.   They are paralyzed with fear of being wrong.   So, they make the choice of non-action.   This results in missed opportunities.

Each moment we have the chance to choose what we believe.  Do we believe our hearts or what we are told?   I lived many years not trusting myself and my heart.   I now know that my heart is the truest barometer of truth.

Put your hands over your heart and ask a question.   Does your heart warm?  Does it feel inviting?   If so, then the answer is positive.   If you feel repelled, chilled or uncomfortable then the subject is not good for you.

Practice this daily and you will start to immediately recognize your own intuition and have the power to make choices with deep spiritual guidance.   This will bring peace and ease to your life.


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