Soul Mate Relationships for Clarity

reason season lifetime

I mentioned in a Facebook Live a few weeks ago that I have opened myself to dating.  This triggered another level of deep healing.  A few days ago, as I cooked dinner I was thinking about soul relationships and realized how they come in so many varieties. Many people just talk about that amazing soulmate or twin flame romantic relationship. What often gets missed in the big picture is the value of all our soul group.

There are so many souls that are here to support us. Sometimes they come into our life for very brief periods of time, one of my favorite sayings is “people come into our life for a reason,  a season,  or a lifetime”. We have these important souls, these important people, that come in to support us where we are in this moment, to help us grow and become stronger and live our life purpose deeper.

I remembered my high school friend who was always there for me and suddenly I heard his voice.  We started spending time together in sixth grade and were friends throughout high school. We lost track of each other after high school but the impact this man had on my life will be with me forever. Mediumship is not a regular energetic connection for me.  He died in the early 80s and tonight was my first personal contact with him.

I heard him say that I am strong, that he recognized my ability to teach, be authentic and make a difference when we were in high school. This is the first person who truly saw me as I am at my core and who I was destined to be; not the person who was worried about rules, what other people think and how to fit in.

Now he is an evolved spirit guide and has been supporting me from another realm.  Today, he let me know that he’s always been there and reinforced my understanding that there are so many beautiful supportive souls in our lives.  These souls float in and out of our lives as it is destined to be.

Do you sometimes feel like I did and struggle with being seen as who you truly are?  Do you want help with getting clear on your life purpose and feeling your own energy?  I would love to support you with a 30-minute Inner Wisdom Clarity Activation Call.  Click HERE to get on my calendar.


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