Remembering our Intuition with ease

You’ve heard me say many times that we all have intuition. It is a divine gift that we sometimes forget how to use or how to trust.  When I was in process of remembering how to receive my divine messages, feel them in my body so that I could trust the information and then take inspired action my fear would sometimes rise up.

My strongest senses at that point in time were Claircognizance, our gut instinct and knowingness and Clairsentience, which is our feeling sense. I basically sensed my way through situations almost as if I was sending out invisible feelers or antenna to help me navigate the world.

As I was taking my first Angel Communication class to help me understand my intuitive senses and strengthen my skills, I became a little bit defensive about how I was connecting.   I was feeling like I wasn’t “getting it”. Our teacher wanted us to isolate our senses to really focus on one each week to practice and strengthen that sense.  I felt out of control.

The first week was clairvoyance.  I had so much fear about what I might see that I did the homework using my feelings and my knowingness.  When I woke up the next day, I couldn’t sense anything, and my sense of knowingness was shut off also. I felt like part of me had died or I had lost a limb. In many ways I had – I had developed a reliance on those 2 senses without any awareness of the other information that was available to me.

I reached out to my teacher and she laughed at the extremes that the angels went to in order to get my attention.  She asked me to trust myself and start noticing what I see. As the week went on, I noticed images, shapes and numbers.

The next week I focused on what I hear and noticed song lyrics, and even heard a voice that wasn’t mine.  I really sharpened my seeing and hearing senses.  I gained confidence and started to have fun with the different ways that I could now receive information.

As the weeks went on, I started to worry that I would never be able to sense things again and that my knowingness was gone forever.  At the end of the class I noticed that I was really seeing things, that my intuition had magnified exponentially, and I was clearly able to hear divine messages.  As I gratefully acknowledged that during class suddenly, I could feel again, and I knew that now I had four strong senses that I could rely on instead of only two.

I tell this story when I’m teaching about the four Clairsenses so that people understand how important it is to work on each one separately and allow information to come in multiple ways.  In life we can slow down the flow of information if we focus too much on one outcome or way of communicating.

Have you ever experienced something like that?  Are you challenged with one aspect of your intuition?  Leave a comment and share your challenges.  I would love to support you in deepening your connection to divine information and your intuition!



  1. Jeannette Spillane says:

    I’m learning to trust my clair senses now too. Especially the knowing. I often hear messages and then decide my mind knows better but it’s never true! Now that I have the luxury of time to pay more attention to these messages or nudges I think I’ll start keeping a journal. When I do pay attention, it’s always for the best!

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