Intuition is an internal guidance system

One of my favorite TV characters is Gibbs from NCIS.  The trait I love the most about him is how he follows his guidance. He is famous for following his gut instincts and his intuition.  He knows his gut feelings are correct.  It has been proven to the people who work with him and respect him that it is a very valid and helpful way to make decisions.

Intuition is an internal guidance system.  It is like a GPS that you can follow to get information from the Universe, God, your angels, whatever greater power you believe in, to help you make decisions for your highest good.  Your intuition is your body’s resonance with the divine energy that is out there to help you with making choices that are beneficial.

We all have a certain level of intuition.  It is like a muscle. You just have to practice using it. The more you practice, the more you exercise your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

My experience is that whenever I ignored my intuition, my journey was more difficult than if I had followed my gut.  If I was guided to turn right and I turned left, I would eventually take 3 more left turns to get back to a similar starting point and have the opportunity to make same decision again (of course with much more insight and knowledge!).

Intuition and my gut knowingness have always been one of my strengths.   I learned that life was simpler and more enjoyable if I followed my instincts the first time.

I also learned to back up my intuition with facts and logic.  For example, I knew the home I lived in for many years was the right home for me and my kids the moment I walked in.   I still did my research.  I made sure the price was valid, it was in a good neighborhood and that the school system was excellent.  I did external work to validate my intuition.  It was absolutely a great decision for me.

I have learned to trust and follow my intuition in business as well as personal decisions.  When I lost my High Tech job in 2006 I was guided to start a business to supplement my income while I was looking for a new job.  It did not seem logical for me to put energy into creating a pet care business in addition to searching for a traditional job.   I did as I was guided and time showed that it was the best decision for me.  The recession made it challenging to find a similar job and the pet business nourished my soul and paid my mortgage during that difficult time.  It also became so profitable that I felt comfortable following my intuition to make it my primary income stream.   Now, I employ 8 part-time staff and it is a healthy and flourishing business!

My intuition then guided me to allow others to support me in the management of the pet business and to focus my time and talents into a new business.   I  combined my unique background of business and intuitive skills to support other’s desiring to understand, trust and take action on their divine messages.   In following my intuition to create this new business, I had to take a step back financially by hiring support people in the pet business.   The financial and professional rewards of trusting this guidance have been amazing for me and for the people that I have supported as they remove blocks that keep them from implementing their guidance and getting results in every aspect of life!.

My passion is creating a path for others to trust their intuition and reconnect with their inner radiance and brilliance.  By trusting my intuition and divine guidance I am now helping others to do the same.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?   To receive crystal clear guidance 24/7?    To trust it and take the next right steps to manifest your goals?


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