How Can an Altar Help Your Intuition?

Do you sometimes feel a deep resistance to taking action on your divine wisdom?  Do you have a brilliant download and agonize on if it is really true?  We all have these moments that hold us back from the divine truth – that we are good enough – that we can trust our spiritual information and take action.

We need to be in flow in our bodies to integrate our divine wisdom and take action.   We need to keep our energy open and truly be able to acknowledge it to take the next right step.

Our angels send us a million messages a day.  It can be really overwhelming to know what is a message, what is a repeat and what to take action on.  So how do we slow down and ground our energy to be able to really process all of that information?

One of the tools that I use on a regular basis is an altar. An altar is anything that is going to amplify intention.   I use crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, photos, statues and things from nature to amplify my energy around my intention of being present in my body to feel divine energy.

This is a way for me to anchor my energy, stay supported and really be present to everything that is going on around me to feel a deeper connection to my intuition and my ability to connect to the angels. As I have said before, intuition is all about embodying that divine wisdom.

I want to be living with energy flow, feeling the intuition and being in my body so that I can take that divine next step where I allow things to flow through me instead of getting stuck on me. Envision yourself as a sieve or as a sponge. You want to be that sieve and allow the energy to flow through you.  You keep what serves you and allow the rest to flow through.

You don’t want it to stick in your energetic body or be absorbed like a sponge. Imagine water in a sponge.  You want the water to move through the sponge and be able to squeeze it out in whatever manner it works for you. You don’t want to become big and absorbed with all the energy that comes at you.  The energy in the world is infinite. So, it needs to move through your energetic field, give you some information and then continue on. And yes, it may cycle back to you but, the intention is, that it’s going to move through you and working with an altars or energy anchor can help you with that.

If you want to learn more about anchoring and trusting your intuition, I have opened up 5 more spots to work with me.  If talking about taking a deeper dive into what is blocking your divine connection, trusting the messages and taking inspired action, then HERE to get on my calendar.


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