Follow your Heart: And let those who love you do so also

kyle and me 10-17This blog my loving friends is about being very conscious of what we are asking for. I had the amazing opportunity to spend the weekend in Columbus, OH with my youngest child, Kyle. He is a Jr at OSU. He talked about how much he loves Columbus (for reference I live in Massachusetts). He is happy and loves the way people treat him there, the environment, the weather, etc. He is excited to find a summer internship in Columbus…. Yikes!

I wished for time to slow down and to have more time with him – be careful what you ask for!  I arrived at the airport Sunday night to have my flight delayed so that I would miss my connecting flight to MA. I forgot that I am a powerful manifestor and need to be careful of what I ask for.  So I got to spend another night my my son – at the expense of a client.

I was blessed to stay in his apartment and we had a fun night watching the Patriots and “hanging out”.

As we relaxed instead of exploring, I had time to feel the upcoming change. My heart hurt for a while and then I remembered that I raised him to follow his heart.

A tangible part of me is moving on – I have grown and expanded in exponential ways the past few years – now I am seeing it reflected in my children.

Life is growth – sometimes it is easy – sometimes it hurts. Sometimes we miss a connection and receive a gift.

How can you look at a missed opportunity and find a gift?


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