Decisions, Decisions: What is your style?


Yesterday would have been my dad’s 90th birthday.   I spent the day reminiscing.   One of the strengths he had was the ability to make a decision and never look back.   Sometimes they were good and sometimes not but he just looked forward to the next opportunity.   I took after my mom’s style of following society’s rules and added my own spin of not trusting myself so I looked for others’ opinions.   It took many years of personal development, struggle and awareness for me to change my style to one of trust and faith in my own ability to make decisions.  I love the peace and clarity of knowing what is in my highest good and never seconding guessing my choices.


What type of a decision maker are you?  My experience is that there are five major types of decision-makers.

In my years of intuitive readings and coaching I realized that many people don’t trust themselves so they develop coping mechanisms to support them in attempting to make a decision that they can live with.

Which style resonates most with you?

  1. Outside validation:   This style asks for others opinions instead of what is right for them.  What does God want me to do?  What does Religion say I should do?  What does conventional wisdom say I about this?
  2.  Jump right in:   This is the style where you shoot from the hip and you make a decision without all the facts.  Then it whether it’s hours later or years later you regret your decision.
  3. Agonize:   You’re paralyzed, and you spend so much time trying to either analytically make a decision and weighing all of the facts and/or all of the emotions that you literally cannot make a decision and so the opportunity passes you by.
  4. Analysis paralysis: You push all of those instincts and intuition off to the side and lineup things on a piece of paper or spreadsheet with pros and cons and go completely with what our head says to be right even if there is a nagging doubt in our heart or in our gut that the spreadsheet is wrong.
  5. Trust in self:   You use a balanced combination of intuition, logic and faith in yourself to make crystal clear decisions that you are happy with.

I would love to hear your style and if you would like to change it!

Let me know your stories.

P.S.   If you are ready to change your style to completely trusting yourself, give yourself the gift of an Inner Wisdom Clarity Activation call with me to understand the blocks to trusting yourself and make a plan to change them!



Soul’s Guidance vs Logic

Have you ever had a strong impulse to do something that logically just doesn’t make sense?

I was driving home from having dinner with a friend the other night when I felt the need to stop at this store along my way. It’s not a place that I typically go and it is probably been at least 10 years since I actually stopped there. It was getting a little late and my logic was saying “Do you need to stop now?  There’s nothing that you really need.”

I have learned to trust my intuition and my Soul‘s guidance so I stopped. As I parked my car, I remembered a man that I felt a connection to the last time I was there and wondered if he still owned the business. I saw him immediately when I walked in the store. As crazy as it sounds, he recognized me too.

I picked up something and went to pay. It turns out that he had sold the store and then recently purchased it back, but he is very rarely there as he owns another store in the town that I recently moved to. That was interesting and I wondered why I really needed to connect with him again.

As I was getting ready to pull back out onto the highway, he came running out of the store to say that he needed to talk to me. He asked me if I knew what soul connections were. I was almost speechless as I did not expect that.

He handed me his card and say that it is nice to see you, that he recognized me and wanted me to know that I’m important. The value of me being seen by someone who I had not encountered in over 10 years and honored for the energetic connection was amazing! As open as I am too soul family support, the impact of meeting this man again and having him have the courage to state the truth opened me up to a whole new level of connection.

It also made me curious if there were places where I may not be fully following my intuitive guidance. I journaled on being in gratitude for the experience and anchoring in this new way of seeing opportunities and having the courage to follow through on them.

Are you aware of any times that you have a missed an opportunity because you didn’t follow your intuition?

Let me know your stories.


Do you know what your soul purpose is?

I believe in doing my own work to always be refining my skills to serve you.  I am using my own tools and processes and working with my coach (yes, even coaches need coaches!).

I am clear that my mission is to help you understand what YOUR Soul wants you to know.    We all have a purpose in life.  It might be to be the best mom, an artist, entrepreneur, engineer or healer.   It may be to advocate for a cause, run a company, be a politician or travel the world building connection.  We each have a unique gift to offer the world.

Do you know what your soul purpose is?

When we are living in our purpose and using our unique gifts to make a difference, life is easy.   It is in flow and we feel magnetic and joyful.

When we are not living in our purpose, then we can feel overwhelmed, sad and anxious.

I worked in corporate manufacturing for many years and was excellent at what I did.  I was creative in my approaches and subconsciously used my intuition to support me.  While I easily went up the corporate ladder, and made lots of money, my soul was not fulfilled.  Eventually, I lost my joy and creativity.  I was surviving not thriving.

Losing my job due to downsizing in the recession forced me to look at how I was living my life and “Did I want to continue this way?”.

Animals were always a passion and focus for me.  So I started a pet care company and rediscovered my joy of deep connection with animals and nature.  I remembered I could communicate with them and that they helped ground my energy.  This clarified pillar #1 of my soul purpose.

Angels were what kept my attention and interest during my Christmas/Easter visits to church when I was a kid.   I loved the stories of God’s messages delivered by winged messengers that radiated love.  It was no surprise that during a time of crisis, I remembered and relearned how to communication with my Angels.   This clarified pillar #2 of my soul purpose.

Intuition and trusting what I knew to be true vs what my family or society said was a challenge when I was growing up and through my first marriage.  I made many non-optimal decisions because I chose to not trust my intuitive messages.  As I healed and understood that this was all part of my path to teaching about the importance of intuitive wisdom, trusting it and then taking inspired action, I regained my belief in myself and my own wisdom.   This clarified pillar #3 of my soul purpose.

My Soul Clarity System consists of 3 components that we all have access to:

Angel Wisdom

Animal Wisdom

Intuitive Wisdom

I will be writing more about these wisdoms and how they empower our lives in the weeks to come.


My intuition is my superpower.

If you could pick any superpower, what would it be?

Do you feel like you already have one?

My intuition is my superpower.

Intuition is an internal guidance system. It is like a GPS that you can follow to get information from the Universe, God, whatever greater power you believe in, to help you make decisions for your highest good. Your intuition is your body’s resonance with the divine energy that is out there to help you with making choices that are beneficial.

We all have a certain level of intuition. It is like a muscle. You must practice using it. The more you practice, the more you exercise your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

When I was younger, I was conditioned out of trusting my intuition. Logic was valued and got me attention. I excelled in school using my analytical skills and trying to blend in.  I noticed when things didn’t make sense to me or feel right but I chose to follow convention and outside validation instead of my intuition and soul guidance.

After a very difficult divorce, I realized that if I didn’t trust myself and nurture my spiritual connection, I would continue to feel frozen and lost.  I taught myself by trial and error and many mistakes that I truly know what is in my highest good. I saw my life change for the positive as I started to trust my intuition and take inspired action.  I practiced until I could feel my intuition in my physical body and know my soul’s truth.

My intuition is fundamental to my success as is my capacity for compassion, deep listening, and clear thinking.

And it is my mission to have each woman own and develop this amazing power!

I look forward to a world where the driving force is the heart and all that is possible through intuition…. the best journey of my life was within!!!


WOBC Spotlight

I am thrilled to announce that I am the Women Owned Business Club Spotlight of the month for November 2018.   Click the image to see my write-up!


Soul Mate Relationships for Clarity

reason season lifetime

I mentioned in a Facebook Live a few weeks ago that I have opened myself to dating.  This triggered another level of deep healing.  A few days ago, as I cooked dinner I was thinking about soul relationships and realized how they come in so many varieties. Many people just talk about that amazing soulmate or twin flame romantic relationship. What often gets missed in the big picture is the value of all our soul group.

There are so many souls that are here to support us. Sometimes they come into our life for very brief periods of time, one of my favorite sayings is “people come into our life for a reason,  a season,  or a lifetime”. We have these important souls, these important people, that come in to support us where we are in this moment, to help us grow and become stronger and live our life purpose deeper.

I remembered my high school friend who was always there for me and suddenly I heard his voice.  We started spending time together in sixth grade and were friends throughout high school. We lost track of each other after high school but the impact this man had on my life will be with me forever. Mediumship is not a regular energetic connection for me.  He died in the early 80s and tonight was my first personal contact with him.

I heard him say that I am strong, that he recognized my ability to teach, be authentic and make a difference when we were in high school. This is the first person who truly saw me as I am at my core and who I was destined to be; not the person who was worried about rules, what other people think and how to fit in.

Now he is an evolved spirit guide and has been supporting me from another realm.  Today, he let me know that he’s always been there and reinforced my understanding that there are so many beautiful supportive souls in our lives.  These souls float in and out of our lives as it is destined to be.

Do you sometimes feel like I did and struggle with being seen as who you truly are?  Do you want help with getting clear on your life purpose and feeling your own energy?  I would love to support you with a 30-minute Inner Wisdom Clarity Activation Call.  Click HERE to get on my calendar.


Healing Through The Heart: Being Present to our gifts

Finch-dream-symbolMany of you know that I also own a pet care company.  One of my employees had to have emergency surgery a few days ago and as I walked out of my home that night to cover her doggy late night visit a tiny bird flew into my home.  I just knew she was a baby finch.

She floated around the entranceway and landed on the steps.  She looked at me as if to say “What now?” and hopped up five steps cautiously and curiously. We had a sweet moment of connection, happiness and peace.  Then my cat discovered her.

The bird frantically flew around the entranceway and I tried to escort her out and keep my cat in. That did not work so well. Around this point in time the dog started to bark (he was already safely in his crate as I was going out) and my other cat came out and started to also stalk the bird.

I found myself caught up in the chaos of cats chasing bird to the symphony of dog barks.  I lost my connection to presence and became a bit frantic.  I played crazy interference between the cats and the bird.

Then I remembered I can communicate with animals and call on my angels.   So, I took a deep breath, asked the angels for help and promised the bird that I would help her if she would find a place to roost.  A few moments later, the bird settled into a tiny space near the TV. I was able to pick her up gently in a napkin and release her outside.

Peace reigned again …..  The dog settled down, although the cats did give me the stink eye for taking away their toy.

When I returned from my dog visit, I spent more time with the message from my finch friend.  I was not surprised to find that finches are here to remind us of the importance of joy, appreciation, positivity and simplicity.  Also, to add variety to our daily life and enjoy all the milestones in life instead of focusing on the end result.

Finch loves to dance through life and invited me and all of you to have fun and celebrate each moment.


Follow your Heart: And let those who love you do so also

kyle and me 10-17This blog my loving friends is about being very conscious of what we are asking for. I had the amazing opportunity to spend the weekend in Columbus, OH with my youngest child, Kyle. He is a Jr at OSU. He talked about how much he loves Columbus (for reference I live in Massachusetts). He is happy and loves the way people treat him there, the environment, the weather, etc. He is excited to find a summer internship in Columbus…. Yikes!

I wished for time to slow down and to have more time with him – be careful what you ask for!  I arrived at the airport Sunday night to have my flight delayed so that I would miss my connecting flight to MA. I forgot that I am a powerful manifestor and need to be careful of what I ask for.  So I got to spend another night my my son – at the expense of a client.

I was blessed to stay in his apartment and we had a fun night watching the Patriots and “hanging out”.

As we relaxed instead of exploring, I had time to feel the upcoming change. My heart hurt for a while and then I remembered that I raised him to follow his heart.

A tangible part of me is moving on – I have grown and expanded in exponential ways the past few years – now I am seeing it reflected in my children.

Life is growth – sometimes it is easy – sometimes it hurts. Sometimes we miss a connection and receive a gift.

How can you look at a missed opportunity and find a gift?