A gift from my Angels

Angelic energy was created by God to provide messages to humans in a way that we can understand. We as humans, all have free will so we can choose to ask for angelic support and for guidance in following our souls’ journey. We can also choose not to ask and not to receive the messages which can make our lives more difficult than needed.

When I took my Masters level Angel Communication class we were asked to meditate and journal with a specific archangel each of the seven weeks. The first week was Archangel Michael and the color red for the root chakra. I sometimes can get in my own way and decided that my root chakra was fine and that I did not need to follow the rules and meditate with the red candle each day. Can you sense self-sabotage?

The next day when I came down to meditate in this closed room, where no one had access but me, the red candle was gone. I searched everywhere for that candle. The holder was there but the candle disappeared.

I finally accepted that Archangel Michael was trying to teach me a lesson. He wanted me to firmly understand that I don’t need to be alone. I can accept support.  It is safe for me to connect and trust my angel guidance. That no matter how grounded I feel I am, I can always connect deeper.

I spent the rest of the week working with Archangel Michael without a candle and felt his loving presence and support. At the end of the week I moved onto the orange candle and the next archangel and worked my way through the balance of the class with gratitude and a much deeper understanding of my connection with the Angels.

This sense of connection, gratitude and support is such a powerful part of my life now.  I would love to help you connect deeper with your angelic guidance.   I was guided by my angels to offer a crazy low summer fun connection price of $97 for a 30 minute angel connection.  This rate will be good for readings purchased by July 31, 2019 and scheduled by August 31, 2019.  So take advantage of my angels generosity and book your session by the end of July!  https://CarolynMcGee.as.me/Ask-Angels-Guidance


What does Independence mean to you?

Today is Independence Day in the United States.   It is a day we celebrate our ability to govern ourselves as a country and make the best decisions for our people.

Every year around this time, I reflect on what it means to be independent.

For years, I struggled to be by myself.   I couldn’t stand being alone with just my own company.  I was afraid to look myself in the eye and acknowledge that I was the one holding me back. I kept myself so busy that I didn’t have time to feel or understand the impact of my choices.

I looked outside of me for validation of my choices.   I asked “What should I do”? to others and abdicated my authority.  I didn’t trust my intuition.  I got the messages, I just didn’t listen.    It was easier to ask someone else because then I didn’t need to take the responsibility of a decision.

Or I rationalized the message away.  I am highly logical so I used family, school, religious, paradigms to measure my choices instead of what I knew to be right.

Or hesitated to take action as I wasn’t sure.   I didn’t trust the messages or myself, so I lost opportunities.

I was paralyzed by fear.   I didn’t trust myself.  I felt lost – like a subject to others will instead of my own divine wisdom.

Like, the settlers in the US in the 1770’s, I wanted to start making my own choices!   As I took my deep dive into remembering my intuition, hearing the messages from my guides, learning how to validate the messages for my self and then take the next action step my life changed dramatically!

I began to ask myself what was best for me.  I deeply saw, heard, sensed and knew what was best for me.  I validated the messages were in my highest good.  I took timely action.  Life flowed instead of me feeling like I was pushing water uphill.

It was not always easy.  I had to make some very difficult and painful decisions that impacted not only me but my family.  I knew that the choices were best long term for all of us and I followed my guidance to make them.   I felt the presence of my guides supporting me at each step.

As my confidence grew, I started to teach others to feel empowered by their choices.

The best choice I made was to honor me and trust me.

Can you relate to my story?    Would you love to step into being your own authority with confidence?

If you want to learn more about feeling and trusting your intuition, I have opened up 4 (for the 4th!) spots to work with me.  If talking about taking a deeper dive into what is blocking your divine connection, trusting the messages and taking inspired action, then HERE to get on my calendar.


How Can an Altar Help Your Intuition?

Do you sometimes feel a deep resistance to taking action on your divine wisdom?  Do you have a brilliant download and agonize on if it is really true?  We all have these moments that hold us back from the divine truth – that we are good enough – that we can trust our spiritual information and take action.

We need to be in flow in our bodies to integrate our divine wisdom and take action.   We need to keep our energy open and truly be able to acknowledge it to take the next right step.

Our angels send us a million messages a day.  It can be really overwhelming to know what is a message, what is a repeat and what to take action on.  So how do we slow down and ground our energy to be able to really process all of that information?

One of the tools that I use on a regular basis is an altar. An altar is anything that is going to amplify intention.   I use crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, photos, statues and things from nature to amplify my energy around my intention of being present in my body to feel divine energy.

This is a way for me to anchor my energy, stay supported and really be present to everything that is going on around me to feel a deeper connection to my intuition and my ability to connect to the angels. As I have said before, intuition is all about embodying that divine wisdom.

I want to be living with energy flow, feeling the intuition and being in my body so that I can take that divine next step where I allow things to flow through me instead of getting stuck on me. Envision yourself as a sieve or as a sponge. You want to be that sieve and allow the energy to flow through you.  You keep what serves you and allow the rest to flow through.

You don’t want it to stick in your energetic body or be absorbed like a sponge. Imagine water in a sponge.  You want the water to move through the sponge and be able to squeeze it out in whatever manner it works for you. You don’t want to become big and absorbed with all the energy that comes at you.  The energy in the world is infinite. So, it needs to move through your energetic field, give you some information and then continue on. And yes, it may cycle back to you but, the intention is, that it’s going to move through you and working with an altars or energy anchor can help you with that.

If you want to learn more about anchoring and trusting your intuition, I have opened up 5 more spots to work with me.  If talking about taking a deeper dive into what is blocking your divine connection, trusting the messages and taking inspired action, then HERE to get on my calendar.


Remembering our Intuition with ease

You’ve heard me say many times that we all have intuition. It is a divine gift that we sometimes forget how to use or how to trust.  When I was in process of remembering how to receive my divine messages, feel them in my body so that I could trust the information and then take inspired action my fear would sometimes rise up.

My strongest senses at that point in time were Claircognizance, our gut instinct and knowingness and Clairsentience, which is our feeling sense. I basically sensed my way through situations almost as if I was sending out invisible feelers or antenna to help me navigate the world.

As I was taking my first Angel Communication class to help me understand my intuitive senses and strengthen my skills, I became a little bit defensive about how I was connecting.   I was feeling like I wasn’t “getting it”. Our teacher wanted us to isolate our senses to really focus on one each week to practice and strengthen that sense.  I felt out of control.

The first week was clairvoyance.  I had so much fear about what I might see that I did the homework using my feelings and my knowingness.  When I woke up the next day, I couldn’t sense anything, and my sense of knowingness was shut off also. I felt like part of me had died or I had lost a limb. In many ways I had – I had developed a reliance on those 2 senses without any awareness of the other information that was available to me.

I reached out to my teacher and she laughed at the extremes that the angels went to in order to get my attention.  She asked me to trust myself and start noticing what I see. As the week went on, I noticed images, shapes and numbers.

The next week I focused on what I hear and noticed song lyrics, and even heard a voice that wasn’t mine.  I really sharpened my seeing and hearing senses.  I gained confidence and started to have fun with the different ways that I could now receive information.

As the weeks went on, I started to worry that I would never be able to sense things again and that my knowingness was gone forever.  At the end of the class I noticed that I was really seeing things, that my intuition had magnified exponentially, and I was clearly able to hear divine messages.  As I gratefully acknowledged that during class suddenly, I could feel again, and I knew that now I had four strong senses that I could rely on instead of only two.

I tell this story when I’m teaching about the four Clairsenses so that people understand how important it is to work on each one separately and allow information to come in multiple ways.  In life we can slow down the flow of information if we focus too much on one outcome or way of communicating.

Have you ever experienced something like that?  Are you challenged with one aspect of your intuition?  Leave a comment and share your challenges.  I would love to support you in deepening your connection to divine information and your intuition!


Trusting Your Intuition with your Heart

I know that Intuition is the superpower that allows us to make crystal clear decisions.  When we know how the messages are being shown to us and how the truth feels in our bodies, it is easy to trust ourselves.  I can look back on all the times that I didn’t listen to or trust my intuition and see how it made my life so much more difficult!  Can you relate to that?!

We all “know” more than we give ourselves credit for.  We are born intuitive beings.   Often our inner wisdom is taught out of us.   We are trained to follow the guidance of our parents, teachers, religious and community leaders instead of what we know in our hearts to be true.  This is confusing and can cause us to doubt the divine information we receive daily when we open our hearts to it.

I hear often that people are aware of the messages but just don’t trust them.   Or they don’t trust themselves enough to act on it.   They are paralyzed with fear of being wrong.   So, they make the choice of non-action.   This results in missed opportunities.

Each moment we have the chance to choose what we believe.  Do we believe our hearts or what we are told?   I lived many years not trusting myself and my heart.   I now know that my heart is the truest barometer of truth.

Put your hands over your heart and ask a question.   Does your heart warm?  Does it feel inviting?   If so, then the answer is positive.   If you feel repelled, chilled or uncomfortable then the subject is not good for you.

Practice this daily and you will start to immediately recognize your own intuition and have the power to make choices with deep spiritual guidance.   This will bring peace and ease to your life.


Who are the Angels?

You have heard me talk about angels, animals and intuition many times.    So who are the angels?

Angels are the energy closest to God. They are the aspect of ourselves that reaches out to God for guidance and information. They are our highest-self reaching out to connect to divine wisdom.

Angels are God’s messengers. Their purpose is to bring our questions to source and then to bring God’s answers back to us. God gave man free will so we need to ask for assistance and guidance. God and the Angels cannot interfere with our choices and actions. They will respond with loving support and guidance when we ask. We do not need to ask a specific question just ask for support and then be open to receiving the guidance.

It creates such peace to know that you could get loving answers to any questions you have from divine beings that always have your highest good in mind. The feeling you have when you communicate with angelic energy is that of pure love. If it does not feel loving than the message is from ego not God as God/Angels will only provide loving guidance for your soul’s highest good.

I have heard that each of us receive an average of one million messages a day from our angels. Imagine that! How rich would our lives be if we recognized even a small portion of these messages? This guidance shows up in what we see, hear, feel and know. The angels will use your own awareness and vocabulary to show you the messages.

Here are the four basic ways that Angels communicate with us:

  • Clairvoyance is “seeing” the message. This may be with your physical eyes when your attention is drawn to an image. It may be a dream or it perhaps a vision in your mind’s eye.
  • Clairaudience is “hearing” the message. You may hear a voice in your mind giving you guidance. It may be that you hear a song repeatedly that contains a message for you. Or perhaps you overhear a message repeatedly from other people’s conversations.
  • Clairsentience is “feeling” the message. This would be when you say your skin crawled when something did not feel right or you sense the energy in a room when you enter it.
  • Claircognizance is “knowing” the message. This is also known as gut instinct. You just know without knowing why that you are to do or not to do something; that a decision is good for you or not.

Which sense is your strongest?


Why Being Present Enhances Intuition

Have you ever had someone say to you “get back in your body”, or “you are spinning”?  We all can get overwhelmed or disconnect from our physical energy.  If we are not in touch with our body and the energy that only being in a body creates, then we cannot implement the brilliant ideas that we receive.

It is said that depression is when we live in the past and anxiety is when we live in the future.  Our bodies are affected by our mind not being present.  We are more powerful when we live in the present and are fully in our bodies.  Our minds are powerful instruments that can convince us that we can figure it all out in our heads.  We can forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and that we need our physical body to bring forth all the amazing spiritual information that we receive.

Have you ever noticed a highly spiritual and very connected individual who had the most brilliant inspirational ideas but did not have the energy to implement those ideas?  If we live in our head, instead of being in our body and bringing the energy through our heart, it is much more difficult to manifest our inspirations.

The heart is where our physical energy and spiritual energy meets.  Our heart is the gatekeeper to living a fully integrated and connected life.  When our heart is open and energy flows freely from head to toe, manifestation of our desires is easy!

When you need or want to feel more grounded and present in your body try one of all of these tricks.

1. Laugh and laugh often. A good belly laugh will bring energy into your root and sacral chakra to help create foundation and creativity. By finding joy in simple pleasures or silliness it keeps the energy flowing in our body and brings back our childlike connection to spirit. Young children are very present in their bodies and laughter will help connect you deeper with yours.

2. Moving meditation.  Combine your spiritual practice with some type of body movement. This can be yoga or going for a walk. Letting the energy flow through your body and connect all of your chakras as you unite with spirit allows the energy to flow more freely through you and out into the world.

3. Breathe deeply. Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it for as long as you can. Your breath is your life force.  Feel that life force pulsing through your body connecting and refreshing every single cell. Then gently and completely release that breath exhaling out of your mouth.  Exhale all that no longer serves you.  Repeat this at least three times or as many times as you need to truly feel connected with your body.

Now you are connecting your spiritual inspiration with your body’s energy to manifest.


Intuition is an internal guidance system

One of my favorite TV characters is Gibbs from NCIS.  The trait I love the most about him is how he follows his guidance. He is famous for following his gut instincts and his intuition.  He knows his gut feelings are correct.  It has been proven to the people who work with him and respect him that it is a very valid and helpful way to make decisions.

Intuition is an internal guidance system.  It is like a GPS that you can follow to get information from the Universe, God, your angels, whatever greater power you believe in, to help you make decisions for your highest good.  Your intuition is your body’s resonance with the divine energy that is out there to help you with making choices that are beneficial.

We all have a certain level of intuition.  It is like a muscle. You just have to practice using it. The more you practice, the more you exercise your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

My experience is that whenever I ignored my intuition, my journey was more difficult than if I had followed my gut.  If I was guided to turn right and I turned left, I would eventually take 3 more left turns to get back to a similar starting point and have the opportunity to make same decision again (of course with much more insight and knowledge!).

Intuition and my gut knowingness have always been one of my strengths.   I learned that life was simpler and more enjoyable if I followed my instincts the first time.

I also learned to back up my intuition with facts and logic.  For example, I knew the home I lived in for many years was the right home for me and my kids the moment I walked in.   I still did my research.  I made sure the price was valid, it was in a good neighborhood and that the school system was excellent.  I did external work to validate my intuition.  It was absolutely a great decision for me.

I have learned to trust and follow my intuition in business as well as personal decisions.  When I lost my High Tech job in 2006 I was guided to start a business to supplement my income while I was looking for a new job.  It did not seem logical for me to put energy into creating a pet care business in addition to searching for a traditional job.   I did as I was guided and time showed that it was the best decision for me.  The recession made it challenging to find a similar job and the pet business nourished my soul and paid my mortgage during that difficult time.  It also became so profitable that I felt comfortable following my intuition to make it my primary income stream.   Now, I employ 8 part-time staff and it is a healthy and flourishing business!

My intuition then guided me to allow others to support me in the management of the pet business and to focus my time and talents into a new business.   I  combined my unique background of business and intuitive skills to support other’s desiring to understand, trust and take action on their divine messages.   In following my intuition to create this new business, I had to take a step back financially by hiring support people in the pet business.   The financial and professional rewards of trusting this guidance have been amazing for me and for the people that I have supported as they remove blocks that keep them from implementing their guidance and getting results in every aspect of life!.

My passion is creating a path for others to trust their intuition and reconnect with their inner radiance and brilliance.  By trusting my intuition and divine guidance I am now helping others to do the same.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?   To receive crystal clear guidance 24/7?    To trust it and take the next right steps to manifest your goals?