A gift from my Angels

Angelic energy was created by God to provide messages to humans in a way that we can understand. We as humans, all have free will so we can choose to ask for angelic support and for guidance in following our souls’ journey. We can also choose not to ask and not to receive the messages which can make our lives more difficult than needed.

When I took my Masters level Angel Communication class we were asked to meditate and journal with a specific archangel each of the seven weeks. The first week was Archangel Michael and the color red for the root chakra. I sometimes can get in my own way and decided that my root chakra was fine and that I did not need to follow the rules and meditate with the red candle each day. Can you sense self-sabotage?

The next day when I came down to meditate in this closed room, where no one had access but me, the red candle was gone. I searched everywhere for that candle. The holder was there but the candle disappeared.

I finally accepted that Archangel Michael was trying to teach me a lesson. He wanted me to firmly understand that I don’t need to be alone. I can accept support.  It is safe for me to connect and trust my angel guidance. That no matter how grounded I feel I am, I can always connect deeper.

I spent the rest of the week working with Archangel Michael without a candle and felt his loving presence and support. At the end of the week I moved onto the orange candle and the next archangel and worked my way through the balance of the class with gratitude and a much deeper understanding of my connection with the Angels.

This sense of connection, gratitude and support is such a powerful part of my life now.  I would love to help you connect deeper with your angelic guidance.   I was guided by my angels to offer a crazy low summer fun connection price of $97 for a 30 minute angel connection.  This rate will be good for readings purchased by July 31, 2019 and scheduled by August 31, 2019.  So take advantage of my angels generosity and book your session by the end of July!  https://CarolynMcGee.as.me/Ask-Angels-Guidance


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